Planning for Fall

Lately I’ve been thinking about vegetable gardening.

I know.

I’m a flower lady.

Something blooming all season long has been my M. O. for years.


Sunflowers - this week's new kid in the garden.

Sunflowers – this week’s new kid in the garden


It will continue to be.

But I’m getting these vegetable messages.

They keep popping up.

A cantaloupe vine here.

A watermelon there.

I think it's a watermelon.

I think it’s a watermelon.

And, of course, the errant volunteer tomato.

Obviously, my compost is not hot enough to kill seeds.

Is anyone’s?

So, I’m thinking I need a plan.

There’s another reason this is on my mind.

Many people here are working in conjunction with

The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

To build a client choice food pantry and warehouse.

A place where we can offer fresh fruits and vegetables

To people who don’t have a lot to eat.

And help them learn how to cook them.

And maybe – just maybe – help them to be healthier.

Fresh Cucumbers and Onions

Fresh Cucumbers and Onions soaking in vinegar and water.

So, what with vegetables literally popping out of the ground at me.

And the knowledge that I could share them with others.

Perhaps a little intentionality is called for here.

So, I’ve cleared a small space that I hope will work

For a fall vegetable garden.

It’s to the south of the garden house.

Which means it will be protected from the north this winter.

It’s somewhat shady in the summer

But when the leaves disappear this fall

It will be sunny.

Arugula has been seeding itself there for over a year.

Volunteer Arugula

Volunteer Arugula

Which gives me hope

That it will work.

So, I pulled up the OSU Extension Fall Planting Guide.

If you do this make sure you get the right O

Oregon – Ohio – Oklahoma

Our climates do vary.

I plan to start with some familiar friends

Sweat peas – enough Peg, for us, and to share.

Carrots, now that I’ve had a little success with them.

Greens – lettuce – spinach – and maybe a little swiss chard.

I’d really like to try brussels sprouts if I can find the plants.

According to the fall planting guide we can start planting things

This week through the end of September.

So I’ve moved a few stragely hostas

Next door to Torry’s garden.

Transplanted a couple of columbine to a shadier home.

Spread a bit of home made organic fertilizer.

And watered it all in.

So begins a new adventure.

I guess the point of all this for me is to keep myself open.

To pay attention to the signs that come my way.

To be willing to change

To try new things

While valuing the old.

Isn’t it amazing what gardening teaches us!




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2 responses to “Planning for Fall

  1. Cheri Ezzell

    I love you Gail. Not in a weird way.

  2. Gay

    great insight!!!

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