The Dahlias are blooming!

They are one of the great gifts of fall

And in my book fall has many gifts.

You may recall about a year ago when

I realized I needed to move my Dahlia bed

From it’s original home that had become too shady

To the east side of my Garden House.

It’s much sunnier here

Meaning more Dahlia blooms.

Just love that.

These dramatic blooms

Are an explanation point toward the end of the garden season.

Dahlias are relatively easy to grow.

Plant the tubers 6″ – 8″ deep in the early spring

After the nights warm up past freezing.

I usually go ahead and put up the fencing

As soon as I plant them.

Actually I use triangular tomato cages

Reinforced with a little re-bar.

Because to get blooms the size of your head

You get lots and lots of plant.

So fencing from the beginning

Insures that you keep them growing up

And not everywhere else.

Then as the bloom stocks grow and grow

I stake them individually.

Because giant blooms

And wind

Are not a good combination.

It sound like more work than it actually is

But like most things in life

It’s well worth it!

Enjoy this glorious fall.


P.S.  The Bees like them,too!






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