It is amazing to me

How each spring

The same plants emerge from their winter’s sleep


To create my garden

And yet

Each spring

I am surprised by what happens

In my own backyard.

This year

This “I can’t believe how late spring is” year

I am struck by the seemingly endless shades

Of purple.

I know that I have 2 new shades

Of purple Iris.



Plus the standard deep purple


And it seems the Columbine

Has a trifecta of purple.




Then there is my mystery wild Orchid


And the last of the Violas

Before the heat of summer knocks them out


There’s a rich purple in this year’s

Mixed Lettuce greens.


And a new purple in the Alliums

Planted last fall

After seeing Kristina’s great Allium seed pods.



I also have a new lilac bush

Small…but covered with blooms.

Add to them the purple Rose I planted last year


Could it be

That purple is the “new pink”

Of  my early spring garden?

Not for long

Peonies and Roses can’t be far behind!

Enjoy the week,



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3 responses to “50 SHADES OF……PURPLE!

  1. Those columbines are so striking!

  2. Hi,

    This may sound a bit strange, but have you been able to find out anything about your “mystery wild orchid?” My grandmother grew these in a clay pot outside at her home in North Florida (coastal planting zone with hot and humid summers and mild winters). She passed away last year, so I took them home with me since I have nearly the same climate. I thought they had died over the winter but began to see new foliage this spring. Unfortunately, I did not take care of them like I should and the new foliage died away. Luckily, the bulbs themselves survived. I am looking for any information on them so I know how to properly take care of them so that they bloom next year. Thanks so much!–Ashley

    • Ashley,
      Not strange at all. I love sharing garden information. I’m told that they are actually Bletilla Striata. Mine are planted in the ground in areas that get part sun and part shade. I live in zone 7a but have never lifted them in the winter and they have spread over time. I really don’t give them any special care. My garden has a drip system which I turn on a slow drip over night about once a week in the heat of the summer. I’ve only had it on once or twice so far this year because we have had good soaking rains every few weeks without too much heat so far. Sometimes I have been know to “over love” plants I have a sentimental connection to. If you want you might try digging a few and putting them in different places in your garden. Mark them well so that you will remember where they are then forget about them for the season. Mine have bloomed and are just dying back now…to return again in the spring. Good luck and no matter what happens I’m sure that your grandmother is pleased that you care enough to try.

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