I have been blessed

With two wonderful garden dogs.

The first was a West Highland Terrier

Named Popcorn.

She ruled over my last garden.

But it is Peg who has been my buddy

My assistant, my companion

All the days I have gardened here.


Peg loved my garden.

When we first created it

We had a pretty healthy bunny population.

Each spring she would spend hours searching

For bunnies.


You could tell how hot her trail was

By the speed of her wagging tail.


After Peg caught a couple of baby bunnies

They found other places to play.

Bugs on the other hand

Are prolific in a garden.


Each evening with the cooler summer air

Peg would spend hours on end “Buggin”.

Hopping and bouncing hoping to catch

One more cricket.

There would be nights when she was so deep into the blackness

That I simply had to patiently wait for her to finish

Before I could entice her in.


Now if you are thinking of Peg as a typical dog.

You would be right in some regards.

But, Peg was after all a Scottish Terrier.

And Scottish Terriers are very independent by nature.

Peg got a double dose!

Curious and friendly

Those who met her instantly connected with her sweet nature.

But a few minutes in Peg was done.

No need for all that oohing and awing.

Not being an “in your face dog”

Peg would park herself on the opposite

End of the couch.

Close, but not actually touching.


And so it was in the garden

She was always with me

But rarely in the way.


She did love to eat

Basically anything that hit the floor.


Especially crispy veggies.

One spring she not only ate the snap peas


She also helped herself to the tasty vines.

She loved watching the

Westminster Kennel Show.


A few weeks ago

After her summer vacation in Colorado


Peg got sick.

Though she tried

She simply couldn’t recover.

It was a grueling decision for John and me.

But it was time to let her go.

A kindly local vet offers cremation services

Which seemed right for Peg.

Recently John and I spread her ashes

In her favorite place

The garden.


John wrote a poem for the occasion.

Reminding us of her nature

True to herself to the end.

Goodbye, sweet Peg,

Thanks for the days of companionship

In my garden.




Regal and royal,

For nothing I beg.

Not feline but canine.

I am the “Peg”.

Aloof to all others,

A Scottie by breed.

Ignoring your voice,

Neglecting your heed.

A lick or a nuzzle,

For you is unsure.

My bloodline prevents it,

What’s yours?  Is it pure?

Praise for my plumage,

On a neighborhood walk.

My head held high,

No time to talk.

Drawn to the garden,

Stalking crickets galore.

Bright flowers bow to me,

It is “Peg” they adore.

A pat or a scratch,

I quickly discard.

One shake and it falls of,

No thanks or regard.

As my nature demands it,

Engrained daily or such.

I say it quite firmly,

Look but don’t touch.

Goodbye Queen Peg



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20 responses to “PEG

  1. Ahhhhhh, lovely.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Your dog sounds like she was a great gardening buddy. I know how much she will be missed.♥♫

  3. Denise Cummings

    A beautiful memorial of happy memories. Peg is over the Rainbow Bridge and leaves paw prints on your hearts.

  4. It is always hard to lose a member of the family, but it sounds like she is resting in her favorite place. The last dog we lost is resting under her favorite willow tree. I find solace in that and I’m sure you do too.

  5. pathoerth

    Tears well…and a smile.

  6. wholelotmoore

    I felt as though Peg were with me as I gathered from your garden. The bouquets didn’t turn out too bad.  Linda “Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.” Unknown

  7. Tamara Cain


    I’m so sorry, I know you will miss her dreadfully.

    What a wonderful tribute.

    Tammy ( and Juneau, in Spirit)

  8. Gary and Judy Fleming

    What wonderful memories you’ll always have of
    your time with Peg! And think what a wonderful life you and John gave her! She was a blessed little dog to be your assistant gardener!

  9. Dianne Frantz

    Gail and John – My condolences to you on the loss of your darling Peg. I always liked seeing her when I visited—she was a true lady, which is my kind of dog. Your tributes to her are endearing. Blessings, dianne

    PS I was at my 50th high school reunion this weekend and I had a nice visit with Nancy McNew Galyean. She spoke fondly of her time working for your dad.

  10. Lee Paden

    That was a 15 year old puppy!

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