I love making flower arrangements

Little bitty ones


And great big blousey ones.


For the past few growing seasons

I’ve been the “unofficial” flower supplier

For my church each Sunday.

It’s a joy to do

For an appreciative congregation and minister.


So earlier this week when John asked

If this week’s arrangements would be pink & blue

The wheels began to turn.

What better way to celebrate the birth of our grandchildren.

After all…they come from a long line

Of gardeners, ranchers and farmers.



Their parents are lovers of nature,


Hiking, running, fly fishing and gardening.


Honoring their births with flowers makes sense.

So Harper Katherine and Henry Ellington

Welcome to the world.


It’s hard not to think about their new young lives

And what they will grow to be.


Their gene pool is wide and deep.

Filled with great similarities among both sides of the family

And vast differences.

Watching their futures unfold

Seeing them pick and choose from their heritage

And mixing in who they will to grow to be

Will be one of the great joys of my life.

I’m very new to this grandmother thing

But I’m guessing having hopes and dreams for your grandchildren

Is pretty common.

I hope they are lovers of nature.

That they will learn to observe

To marvel

To wonder

And to wander.

To see God and know God

In all the beauty he has created.



(Alias Gigi)



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17 responses to “H2W

  1. The flowers this morning were gorgeous! Should’ve known they were yours by their vibrance.

  2. Torry Turnbow

    Beautiful post and beautiful arrangements! They are some lucky little ones to have you as their Gigi, I have 3 that can confirm that! 🙂

  3. wholelotmoore

    WE LOVED the flowers today. They were gorgeous!!



  4. Kay Lamerton

    Well said Gigi!

  5. chad.hallie

    Hi Gail! I am so excited for them. What fun!! It certainly brings back some memories as I looked at their sweet pictures. Thanks for sharing and I hope everything is going well. Love, Hallie

  6. June Strong

    The flowers were beautiful and so were the babies. Lucky you. Happy grandmothering!! I am 86 and my grandchildren are the joy of my old age. Two of them have been helping me with my gardens for nearly ten years and they have become experts and we have had such fun together.

  7. Suellen Singer

    Congratulations and welcome to the best part. Knowing you Gigi they will do and love all the things you wish for them. They are darling and you my dear friend, are about to have a ball!

  8. Amy

    Congratulations!!! I had not heard and I am just catching up on blogs now that my kids are back in school. What a sweet family. So happy for you all and Elliott.

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