Yesterday dawned cool and cloudy.

Rain had been predicted for the day

But it didn’t materialize

And so we had a simple Saturday.


My maiden voyage as a grandmother

Meant that my garden

Was completely ignored

For the last half of August. 

Abandoning my garden for grandchildren

Is a no brainer.

But it does mean that the garden

Is well….overgrown

It needs serious deadheading

As well as a clean sweep of weeding. 

But instead of going head long into the garden

I was more in a meandering mood.

So I slowed down  

And worked at a more relaxed pace.

Along the way

I ran across a few late summer friends.


Orb spiders are making there return

After a year’s absence.


The count in the back is up to 3.

I’m thinking we should name them this year.


They hang around for quite awhile

So it seems a naming is in order.

And the monarchs are beginning to migrate.

They love the zinnias that are just now coming into their own. 


A late blooming Hollyhock

Kept a bumblebee happy for some time.


And all the while

Coco kept watch

Over the garden.


They joys of simplicity

They are ours for the taking.

Enjoy the week.



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4 responses to “A SIMPLE DAY

  1. Your zinnias look beautiful! A rabbit ate all mine as they were coming up, so this is the first year I haven’t had any. Sure miss them.

  2. Love the Monarch, and I have to enjoy others’ photos because I haven’t seen any for the second year. 😦

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