Fall arrived last week.

It’s the reason I abide summer.



You can’t fully appreciate

These cool crisp sunny days

Unless you have lived through summer.

It’s the same relationship

That spring is to winter.

One of the reason I love life here on the Great Plains

Is that we experience all four season.

Some years

Some seasons more than others.

It’s the change that seems to appeal to me.

And since I spend many days outside

I consider myself to be

An observer of those changes.

So as the season comes to an end

I carry a list of changes

I want to make in my garden in my head.

This weekend I began to work on the list.

John and I both have wanted a lilac for some time.


We’ve planted one

But it seems to be suffering from

“Failure to thrive”.

In this case it’s a lack of sunshine.


I’ve found it a sunnier home

But there’s a rose bush there.


Or at least there was.

This particular rose bush

Is very finicky.

It only blooms

If it’s not too wet

Or not too hot.

Or I threaten to murder it.


So yesterday

After years of fiddling to make it happy

I cut it down

And dug it up.

I know

It’s not a very friendly thing to do.

But I need its sunny home

For the lilac bush.

And there’s time in the fall

To make these changes.

Their lackluster performance

Is fresh on my mind

In the fall.

If I wait till spring

To do the dastardly deed

That “hope of spring” thing

Will fog my fall reality.


All this digging and moving around

Has me thinking about changes in my life as well.

There are times when one thing must end.

In order for something new to have a place to call home.

That’s the trick as life lumbers on.

Making room in your life for change

For the things you learn

And people you meet.

Change brings growth.

If you let it in.


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  1. Fall is not my favorite season BUT it is the time to move favorite plants around. I dug up a large lilac and moved it to a sunnier location a couple of weeks ago. Today, I have other plants on the move. It is a busy time and the weather is more conducive to physical labor. Happy gardening.

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