When I was growing up

My father had a love of Redbud trees.


They are native here on the plains

Growing wild along the creek beds.

It’s a breathtaking site as you drive the countryside in early spring.

That’s probably why it was designated the official state tree.


Which gave Daddy the perfect opportunity to spread the love.

He gave away hundreds of Redbud saplings.

In his official capacity representing Oklahoma.

They say you marry your father.

In the case of Redbud trees that is true for me.

Each spring when they bloom.

John heads to the nursery

And buys one….or two.

So it is that he has planted 6 in the 10 years we’ve lived here.


Even this week he mentioned that he had been looking around!

Where would we plant it I asked.

He just smiled.

The truth is we’ve spent the last several years

In fear that the one native Redbud that was here when we moved in

Was dying.

Each springs big chunks would fail to leaf out.


We knew it was near the end of it’s natural life.

So we were excited a few years back

When we noticed sprouts coming out of the base

And the side of the trunk.


We’ve babied them over these years

And they have responded.

Our hope was that they would grow strong and tall

So that when all of the branches of the original tree were gone.

It would have replaced itself.

And it did.

Last week John took down the old tree.

Bit by bit he pulled down the remaining branches.

Then he cut out the trunks


Staked the new branches so that they could grow straight and tall

Into a new tree.


It’s gut wrenching to take out old mature dying trees.

They leave a hole in the landscape

And in your heart.

But this time it was less painful.


The cycle of nature continues

With just a little help from us.



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2 responses to “THE REDBUD TREE

  1. Timely post for me. A huge old Maple and a Chestnut were taken down yesterday in a blink of an eye. One more Oak to go next week. You look at those trees, know that someone carefully planted and nurtured them for many years, and it hurts to take them down. But, reality is that when they are no longer stable and strong you have to choose safety first. It’s wonderful that you have new life on yours. 🙂

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