This town is baseball crazy.

We have the most amazing ballpark

Of any town our size in the country.

That’s not just the Chamber of Commerce talking

It’s actual fact.

Once again we are hosting the

National Junior College Division II World Series.


At least that was the plan.

It’s been raining virtually non stop

Since the moment it began.

Can you imagine keeping an entire team of college boys

Entertained in a motel room waiting for the rain to stop!


But just like the baseball tournament

I’m experiencing my own rain delay.

A gardening rain delay.


There has been very little gardening happening this week.

I did manage to get the three bare root Annabelle Hydrangeas in the ground.

And I gave the wisteria its first of many summer haircuts.

But other than that I’ve watched from the inside

As the garden gets greener and greener.


Debra has been texting me pictures of her visit to Ireland

And it looks a lot like my backyard!


OK  except for the house make that abbey.

This part of the world has been at some stage of drought

For the last 4 or 5 years.

Newspapers across the state print the monthly drought map.

Much of the state has been living on the verge of the most severe category.

Then came May.

It has rained

And rained

And rained.

Henry & Harper watching the mountain rain.

Henry & Harper watching the mountain rain.

The ground is saturated.


Farm ponds are full

Creeks and rivers are rising out of their banks.

Lakes are overflowing.

Yet no one is complaining about the sunless days.


I’m taking that as a good omen.

And hoping that it means

That we’ve all developed a deeper respect for water.

That we will take this gift of rain

And not squander it.

That we will voluntarily cut back on our consumption.

That we’ll join Californians in their enforced 5 minute showers.

That we will ration our use without the city insisting on it.

That we know that it takes more than a month of good rains.

To replace what has been drained from our water table.

That we have learned that water is a most important resource.

That we are called to be good stewards of this generosity.

Enjoy the rain or sun wherever you are.



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4 responses to “RAIN DELAY

  1. Love your beautiful yard. Where did you get your giant clay or clay like
    flower pots. I need three. Stay dry.

  2. Everything looks lush that is for sure. We are working through a drought right now. Normally the rain barrels are overflowing, but this year there isn’t more than a gallon sloshing around in the bottom. Wish we could take a little moisture off your hands. 🙂

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