Getting a perennial garden

To bloom all season

Can be challenging.

Many around here

Simply throw in the towel

In late summer.


Photo credit Dave Meara

Years ago

I accidentally discovered

How to have plenty of blooms

As summer turns to fall.

Like most things

It’s all about the timing.

And the right plants.


I think it truly was an accident

Or maybe I just didn’t get around to

Planting my Zinnia seeds.

Until late June.


The result was delightful.

Lots of smiling faces

Blooming at me

When most things have

Come and gone.


Then there’s the bonus fact

That butterflies love Zinnias

So by having them around

During the butterfly migration.

I get my share

Or maybe more of butterflies.


I know it’s a moth, but I like it!

Zinnias are a simple flower

One almost everyone knows

They are not exotic

They are not overly flashy.


They are like that old friend

You talk to after months

Of not seeing each other.

And you slip right back

Into your comfortable place.

Flowers and friend

Have a lot in common.




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2 responses to “ZINNIAS

  1. Martie Brown

    Love your beautiful zinnias. After years of gardening, what works for me
    Are crape myrtle, ornamental grasses and zinnias. Have a lot of other stuff too, but you can count on these. Have a good week.

  2. I love zinnias. They are beautiful, need little care, and remind me of a very special friend who has passed. 🙂 I have had one problem in the past and that has been Japanese beetles attacking them. This year for whatever reason (climate related I’m sure) the Japanese beetles were only here about one week instead of one month. Strange for sure. 🙂

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