Nurturing is an important part of gardening.

It begins with soil.

Adding things that it might be missing.

Making it a rich home for what’s to come.

Once planted

A garden needs continual nurturing.

Making sure that there is ample

Sun, shade and water.

So when I traveled this past week to “twin sit”

I knew I was in for some serious nurturing.


Keeping up with 14 month old twins

Is well…fun…exhausting…intriguing

And so much more.


They too need ample food and water.


A little sun

Sprinkled with shade.


Having never been around twins before.

I’m fascinated with their interaction


Not to mention their constant motion.



So this week nurturing took a different form.

One I enjoy even more than gardening.

We hurried home at the end of the week.

To attend Andrew and Katie’s wedding.

Turns out they too were busy nurturing.

The dozens of children attending their wedding.


Each child gave them a heart

To string for their Christmas tree

FullSizeRender (1)

Creating memories for decades to come.


Important for the garden.

Even more important in life.


It was a wonderful week.


A little blog housekeeping.  Last weekend I was doing a little “tidying up” and thought I deleted pictures from the media library of my blog.  What I didn’t realize was that this actually deleted them from the blog post as well.   So from about mid summer back to the beginning the pictures are missing.  I’m thinking fixing this will be a project for the frozen days ahead.

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