Today does not feel like a day

To write about flowers.

It feels frivolous.

But nature has a way of pulling me in

Of teaching me about life.

As I looked out my second floor

Office window this afternoon

The thought occurred to me

Why can’t people be more like a garden?

To accept our differences.

To celebrate them .

To co-exist in peace.

To be a garden

Endless varieties

Living together in extravagant grace.


My heart is with Orlando.





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2 responses to “EXTRAVAGANT GRACE

  1. wholelotmoore

    This was so beautiful! Yes to extravagant grace! Thank you.,

    Linda gmail


  2. This is a terrible tragedy affecting hundreds of families. I would feel better moving forward if I thought we were going to do something to keep it from occurring again, but I don’t see that happening any time soon with all the gun lobbies and the lack of national databases being tied together. Waste of human life and unnecessary grief for so many.

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