For weeks now

I’ve been seeing the signs

Orb spiders have arrived


Praying Mantis are hanging around


As are Locust.


Dahlias have made their debut



I can hear the band practice

At the high school football field.

Cockscomb is everywhere


And Flutterbys

Are here.

Somewhere along the way

Butterflies became flutterbys

At our house.

Elliott loved them as a child.

Even bringing them into the house

To live…briefly!

When you think about it

Flutterby is a more accurate description

Of these late summer visitors.

The Monarchs are on their way

To Mexico.

And a few are stopping by

For a snack in my garden.


They brought along their friend

The Tiger Swallowtail

Which has been impossible

To get on camera.

I can’t say enough about this season

Especially in a year

That brought such heat.

In some ways I find it

As much a source of renewal

As spring.

It’s cooler days

Are refreshing

Even though I know

My least favorite season

Is close behind.

For now

I’ll pick peppers

And tomatoes…finally


Transplant roses

And make extravagant flower arrangements.


Because fall is the season of bounty

In my garden

For that I am grateful.


Surely this is the last Easter egg out there!








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3 responses to “FLUTTERBYS

  1. Pat Evans

    Love the errant Easter egg. No Monarch’s here in western NY again this summer. But there have been Swallowtails and a few Hummers. Always look forward to seeing your sumptuous flower arrangements.

    • Thank you Pat. Each year I have fewer and fewer butterflies. Just a decade ago I would have a dozen or more flitting around the garden.
      It’s not good news. If you really want to swoon over flowers and flower arrangements follow Floret Flowers on facebook or instagram.
      An amazing young woman with the most incredible flower farm in Washington state. Plan to spend some time when you first meet her online
      It’s captivating.

  2. susan

    Gail – – – a beautiful posting . . . beautiful photos and musings . . .
    my least favorite season closing in also . . .

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