Each year as winter drags on

I get anxious to get into my garden.

The early spring of the past few years

Have tempted me out earlier and earlier.

Yet mid-March hits and I’m all ready feeling behind,

Overwhelmed really.

As I look out my kitchen window

I see the roses that leafed out so quickly

I didn’t get them cut back.

There’s a tomato plant or two that never got pulled

And on and on

I used to do massive weekend long times of spring clean up

Lately I’m taking it in smaller doses

An hour here

An hour there

Not expecting to wipe it out in a day.

This seems to be a necessity

An acknowledgment of  more sand at the bottom of the hour-glass

Than the top!

But honestly, I like it.

It’s taken me awhile to get there

But I like it.

It gives me time to notice the little things.

The lettuce seed that blew onto the patio

Last fall as I planted lettuce in my pots.


The row of tiny grape hyacinths

Standing at attention

Having their moment

Before the tulips overwhelm them.


Larkspur popping up everywhere

Before it consumes my garden

With a river of purple blooms

The buds of the Japanese Tree Peony

Pregnant with possibility


And the bees

Busy drinking from the Cherry tree

In full bloom.


Sure there’s lots of cutting back

Shredded leaves to pull up

And some weeds here and there.

But this year

Each time I step into my garden

I think I’ll take this lesson from early spring

With me

And look for the little things.

Because after all

That is what life is made of.

Welcome back to my garden,








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One response to “IT’S THE LITTLE THINGS

  1. My desire to garden is there, but with a few feet of snow covering everything, I can’t even pick up the downed sticks. 🙂 I love your wording of “more sand at the bottom of the hour-glass.” I may need to borrow that. 🙂 I use to work 6-8 hours a day in the spring, now I feel really productive with 3-4. 🙂

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