Here’s week 2

This one’s a little bit about gardens

And another passion…music.

I’ll be back to regular blogs in another week or so.


Sometimes I forget

Just how much

Music and nature have in common.

Until this morning.

Before I left for church I reminded myself

To cut that single RED tulip

Blooming wildly in the midst

Of all those perfect pastel beauties.

It has somehow survived the year

And returned to bloom again.

But it doesn’t fit into this year’s color scheme

So…off with it’s head.

I thought.

It’s probably the only tulip

That’s been saved from cutting

By the tenor section!

Here’s how.

We were practicing for our annual

“Palms to Passion” service this morning.

Doing a glorious version of

“God So Loved the World”

We were sounding pretty good

Except for one measure when those aforementioned tenors

Were moving from note to note ahead of us

The melody loving soprano section.

The tenors should know this by now.

I thought.

Then I took a moment

And actually looked at the music.

They were singing it correctly

Our parts were not the same

Imagine that…

Harmony in a church choir.

For some reason

This moment really spoke to me

Music is like a garden

Is like life.

Sometimes it’s the very things that sound off tune

That resolve into true beauty.

It’s the difference that make us richer

And deeper.

Sameness is comfortable

Appealing initially.

But it is in the bounty of difference

That we experience the true nature

Of all that God created.


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