Over the course of my gardening years

I have tried to start plants from seed inside.

I’ve really kind of just piddled at it

Only once before have I really worked at it.

Yet, I wasn’t all that great.

I have decided during this COVID winter

I’m getting serious.

So I’ve been reading this

And recording what I’m doing in this.

Which has led to this…so far

I’m armed with a giant grow light

Which I’m sure is making the neighbors

Wonder what I’m up to!

I also have these nifty heat pads

To get seeds in a growing mood quickly.

And a trusty fan

To gently move air around them

Thus strengthening their stems.

I started with Basil back in December

Because…well…I had a package of Basil seeds.

Then around the first of the year

I planted 3 kinds of Cabbage

And 4 kinds of Broccoli

Hoping to supply Faith Farm

With healthy plants for our mission.

Yesterday I planted Lisianthus.

A flower I’ve never really grown

But ever since I saw it at Longwood Gardens

I’ve been dreaming about it.

Photo Credit Debra Mitchell

I’ve learned so much.

For instance Lisianthus seeds need light to germinate.

So you don’t cover them with soil.

The same is true of poppies

Which explains why it’s best to sprinkle them

On the snow of winter

And let them melt into the ground.

I could go on forever about

All that I am learning.

But what I really need to do is apologize to my father.

As a child growing up on a wheat farm.

He would almost daily

Go to “check on the wheat”.

Now in our part of the world wheat is planted in the fall

And grows all winter

For an early summer harvest.

So “checking on the wheat” was literally

Watching it grow.

Something we used to tease him about


Because really

How interesting is it to watch something grow.

Sorry Daddy…I get it now.

Stay safe everyone,


“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” E.E. Cummings


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2 responses to “BEGIN AT THE BEGINNING

  1. Beth Young

    Yay! You’re back! I love your posts.

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