The last two days have been lovely sunny winter days.


They tell us the “Polar Vortex” is on it’s way.

Now granted we have weather people who get

Shall we say a little excited.

But from the looks of the forcast

Things are really about to change.

So I’ve spent a little time

Making sure things in my garden

Will be OK.

I’ve cut and given away as much Arugula

As I can pawn off on people.

It’s really big and really hot

But who can turn down fresh Arugula

In February!

There’s plenty more

If you want some.

I’ve also got a pot of surviving cabbage and pansies.

Which will get covered by the end of the weekend.

Watering cans for all the baby plants in the garden house

Are full

So I won’t be running around getting water

During the weather event.

And thing are watered in

Perhaps the most important thing of all

Filling in those air pockets around the roots.

When people walk into my summer garden

They often comment on how much work

It must be.

I don’t see it as work.

For me it’s play.

So I’m thankful to have a little reason

For play

On a sunny winter day.

We are now a year into this pandemic.

Even those of us lucky enough to be vaccinated

Are still staying close to home

Trying to protect those who have protected us.

With this cold weather coming

We will be doing more of that.

For some of us it’s getting harder.

Here’s a link to my most read post ever.

Not about gardening

But about my depression.

Please take care of yourself

And seek help if you even once think you need it.


Take care and hold on

Spring and vaccinations will come.


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