So here we sit on a glorious

60 degree no wind

February Sunday afternoon.

It’s oh so tempting

To do something


In the garden.

But wait

There is still a bit more winter to come.

In a few weeks we can start planting

Cool season vegetable crops

Here in zone 7a.

All those cabbage teenagers

Will get happily planted

In there permanent homes.

But till then we need to calm down.

And wait just a bit longer.

So until then

You will find me in one of four

Hellebore patches

Cutting off the dead leaves

Making room for the very first

Harbingers of spring.

Welcome back.



Filed under Hellebores, Winter Garden

3 responses to “FIRST BLOOMS

  1. Judy and Gary Fleming

    Thank you Gail!! Gary and our son Tyler are our family gardeners. I enjoy sharing your blog with them!!

  2. Thanks Judy. I bet they could teach me a few things.

  3. This time of year requires patience, and that has never been one of my virtues. It is a struggle, but I think about leggy plants. 🙂

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