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With the warm winter we are having

At least so far

People are getting antsy to plant something.

Yet, it’s basically too early for almost everything.

There is one group of vegetables that might work now

No guarntees though.


Greens like the cool seasons.

So here in zone 7a

That means spring and fall.

My favorites are arugula and leaf lettuce.

But all kinds of greens like it cool.

I like to plant it on the edges of my flower beds

And in my big pots

Planted on top of the tulips I buried in November.

My favorite is a leaf lettuce mix

From Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Called Allstar Gourmet Lettuce Mix.

Simply rough up the soil a bit

And sprinkle the seeds.

Then run a rake gently over them

And pat it down a bit.

Keep the soil damp while it germinates.

You can do this in several places

At two week intervals.

By March or so you will have plenty of fresh greens

For you and whatever bunnies may come your way.

Granted it’s not full on gardening

But it’s a tasty way

To start the season.

And isn’t it amazing how something as fragile

As lettuce

Can withstand the tougher conditions of winter.

Life is like that sometimes.


PS Cabbage babies keep sprouting!


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