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I have always loved Lilies.

Don’t really know why.

There is no great “Lily memory”

Or “Lily moment”

That comes to mind.

But, since I have become a gardener

I have always had Lilies.

It likely began when Elliott’s friend David’s mother Esther

Got that…

Gave me a start of Tiger Lilies.

The tall stately orange Lily with deep brown spots.

Unfortunately they were a bit invasive for my space

So I left them behind in my old garden.

I did however bring a Daylily of Esther’s


That has filled a space between my house

And Torry next door. 

It too seems to spread beyond

The space I am willing to give it.

But it’s a great bit of mid summer orange

That we both enjoy.

Walking through my garden this week

I’ve realized how many different kinds of Lilies

Have come to call this place home.

Most of these like some shade during the day

So they are dotted throughout my garden

Enjoying the part sun, part shade it offers.

Perhaps the best known is the Daylily.

My season begins with the miniature Stella d Ora.


It allegedly re-blooms but this year I was slow

In deadheading it so the second round of buds

Are just beginning to show. 

And let’s be clear about this re-blooming thing.

No matter what the plant

No matter what the promise

The second round of blooms

Is always much less of a show

Than the first…at least at my house.

Other Daylilies have been given to me

By my friend Madeline

When she over-bought on a trip down south.

Imagine that !!!


Daylilies are just that.

Each bloom lasts a day


But the stems of mature plants

Have lots of buds

Giving weeks of dotted bloom.


Moving a little deeper into the shade

I find Calla Lilies.


Not really supposed to be perennial here in zone 7B

But I chance it

And they reward me well.


They are well protected from winter

Since they are buried deep in my garden

Nested under trees.


Then there are the show offs.



They are tall






And finicky.

Most don’t return the next year

At my house.

But fortunately

They aren’t too expensive

So I plant a few each fall.

Hoping to some day find the one variety

That wants to move here

On a permanent basis.

Lily diversity.

It gives me weeks of Lily pleasure

In mid summer.


It’s good for my garden.

Good for the earth.

Good for the soul.

It’s just plain good!




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This morning’s sermon was about miracles.

A reminder of those familiar Bible stories

And a challenge to think about miracles

In life today.

For gardeners this is not really a challenge.

We spend our time observing nature

Digging in the dirt

(Sorry Daddy – soil)

And watching what are for me

Miracles everyday.

Who among us can turn this


into this?


Plant a seed or plant

and you end up with this…


or this…


or this…


It can’t possibly be what we do.

I for one, can’t even imagine how this happens

Yet it does.

Season after season.DSCN4493

Year after year.


Now there are weeds along the way.

This particular season it seems to be

Crab grass in my garden

And there are years when

Things don’t go as we hope and plan.

For instance it’s another year of limited hydrangea blooms.

But all in all

The miracles are there

Every day.


We just have to stop

And look

And open ourselves to see them






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There’s a theory when designing a perennial border

That plants should be placed according to their height.

Short in the front

Tall in the back.

Kind of like the order of an elementary class picture.

And orderly it is

Or would be

If everyone stayed put.

But over time

Things seem to move around.

I rely on several self seeding annuals

To fill in between the perennials, flowering shrubs and roses.


So over the years the number of plants increase

As do the seeds they produce

And the more disorganized it all becomes.

This has been going on for a while now

But this year

It’s as if everyone has run out of patience

And pushed to the front of the line.

Especially my lovely pink Hollyhock.


The seeds came from Patti when she lived next door.

The number has sadly reduced over the years.

This year I only have one good stand.

Right on the front edge of the garden.




And totally in the wrong place.

Now, in case you don’t know Hollyhocks

They don’t transplant

Because they have a tap-root.

So, where they sprout

Is where they stay.

The other major offender of front to back order

Is Larkspur.


Lately it seems to want to sprout

Along the edge of every path.

Then it lays down on the path

It has totally covered the Stella d Ora

I thought I was edging my garden in

All those years ago.


So, exactly how am I to restore “order”

To the front of this border.


I don’t

I surrender.

My garden has very deep beds

For that reason I’ve made brick paths

To divide it into manageable pieces

Giving me a place to walk

And keeping me from compacting the soil.

But it also gives me a logical path for wondering.

And wondering is something I love to do

Because often I

Wander as I wonder.







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At long last we’re getting rain.

Not tons of it

But rain just the same.


Soft showers

Interspersed with real rain.

Throughout this long weekend.

So my gardening has followed the rain.

Starting and stopping

As the weather allows.


It’s actually nice.

Cool days

Soft soil

Perfect for weeding

And planting more seed.

So I’ve decided to run a little experiment.

Since we are having a bit cooler than usual spring.

I’m thinking I still have time to plant

Cool season seeds.


Lettuce – Arugula – Radishes – Bush Beans

I know

It’s way past time to plant these.

But I’m experimenting with a little

Micro climate vegetable gardening.

So…as I’ve weeded the edge of the garden

And along the paths

I’ve planted all of the above.

Some in sun like I’ve always done

And this year in dappled shady areas

To see if I can have fresh greens

Later into the season.

We’ll hope it works.

I’ll let you know.


And when it rained

I arranged flowers

In my friend Beth’s fun Fiesta pitchers.



And oh yes…

There was this.


While thunder rolled through the state

The Thunder rolled over the Spurs.

What a fun weekend!


P.S. I realize these pictures have nothing to do with the subject.

But pictures of seed packets and hoes just are all that much fun!

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