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Last year I wrote about a new gardening project.

It’s a small city lot

Filled with raised beds.

Faith Farm is a production and teaching garden

For Loaves & Fishes.


A food resource center feeding over 800 families each month.

In our inaugural year we grew 3,000 pounds of fresh organic vegetables.


That were picked fresh and given to the clients at L & F.



What fun we had.

So much so that we’ve re-arranged and added 8 new beds

Which should increase our production significantly.

Yesterday was Family Volunteering Day

At Loaves & Fishes.


We do this every other month from February through October.

It’s a great way to introduce people to our program.

A sponsor is found for each month.

They provide the lunch and a great t-shirt.

Thanks 1st Presbyterian.


Volunteers do all kinds of things that don’t get done

In the normal course of things.

Deep cleaning, painting & 0rganizing.

A lucky few

Get to go to Faith Farm.

I was one of the lucky ones.

I love this place.

And it’s great fun to see not only the vegetables grow.

But also the people.

Yesterday was no exception.

We happen to have several volunteers from the air force base here.

So we had natives of

North Carolina,






And England.


Along with Andrew from Maryland.

Andrew is the minister at 1st Presbyterian.

He grew up a city boy in Baltimore.

In addition to being a minister he’s also a gifted pianist and organist.

Those hands hadn’t spent much time in the dirt.

Until he moved here.

From that first fall he’s been working in the yard of his home.

Yesterday he helped chop leaves

And spread them on the bed for mulch.


Then he planted carrots.

And he was hooked.

Before sunset

He texted that he when he got home he planted

Lettuce, carrots, beets and radishes.

He also reports that Loaves & Fishes

Is a blessing to more than just those who need food.

And that’s the thing we are hoping for.

Spreading the word about hunger

And how we and many like us across the country

Are feeding our hungry neighbors.


You can help us.

We are in the middle of a contest to win a $20,000.00 grant

From Seeds of Change


For Faith Farm

Just go to http://www.seedsofchangegrant.com to vote.

Search Faith Farm.

Please vote everyday between now and April 27th.

We’ll use the money to grow more to feed more.

And we’ll teach clients and pilots and ministers and neighbors

About growing their own vegetables along the way.



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Yesterday began with a long list

And a few hardy souls.

It was the first spring clean up day

At Faith Farm.


Over the winter two of my passions collided.

Feeding hungry people and gardening.

Hope Outreach, another local non-profit

Had built a wonderful garden about 8 years ago.

Recently they decided that they needed to find someone else to operate it.

Fortunately, that word got to Loaves & Fishes

And as of the 1st of the year

Faith Farm became a production and teaching garden of Loaves & Fishes.

Imagine a place where we can grow vegetables

Pick them in the morning

And give them to pantry clients in the afternoon.

Fresh organic produce in the hands and tummies

Of those least likely to get have access to fresh organic produce.

You gotta love a deal like that!


But remember we run Loaves & Fishes on a shoestring

With 99% volunteers. 

Faith Farm will be the same

One paid employee

A passionate, knowledgable gardener named Charity


And lots of volunteers.

But where will they come from

We had maybe four people who worked the beds at L & F last year

But we need legions of volunteers to pull this one off.

So it was yesterday morning that we planned our first volunteer work day.

We spread the word and hoped for 10 maybe 12 people.

Bit by bit we stumbled into the crisp morning air.


And began to attack Charity’s very ambitious list.

People kept showing up.

Mostly middle school kids.

4 – H boys


honor society members & cheerleaders






21 in all

We chatted and worked and experienced new things.

A few early spears of asparagus right out of the ground

Made a first time fun mid morning snack.

The sun and the sight of it all warmed my heart.

We are meeting our mission from the beginning.


Growing healthy vegetables and showing others how to do the same.

Then there’s the added joy of community.

Bringing all kinds of people to a new place


Having fun, learning

And helping others.

Saturdays don’t get much better than that!


Your next chance to help at Faith Farm  and Loaves & Fishes is Saturday April 12 during Family Volunteer Day.

Sign up by April 2nd and you’ll get a free t-shirt and lunch courtesy of the sponsor 1st Presbyterian Church. 

Call 580-540-9830 to join in the fun.  Or message Jennifer on our Facebook page Loaves & Fishes – NW Oklahoma


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