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My garden began with a plan.

Tall things in the back.

Mid-sized in the middle

And shorter things along the edge.

It was a good plan

Stella d Ora re-blooming day lilies

Were just the thing for the front.


Leaving room for lettuce and arugula in season.

The middle is full of goodies

Gloriosa Daisies


Purple Coneflower


All kinds of lilies


And lots more.

I reserved the back

For beds of Dahlias


And Hollyhocks.

I love Hollyhocks.

I think of Santa Fe

And gardens of family and friends.

My red ones come from seeds from my mother’s garden.


The pink from my neighbor Patti.


The pink ones have never been as prolific as the red.

So I cherish each one

Along with the memories of Patti

And our gardening adventures.

A few years ago

When a pink hollyhock appeared

At the front edge of the garden.


I left it alone.

You see hollyhocks don’t transplant well

They have a tap-root.

One large deep root.

I’m sure God did it that way

To anchor such a tall plant

And keep it from blowing over.

Smart gardener…God.

Over the past few years.

This single pink hollyhock

Has gotten taller

And taller.

This year it has grown to a whopping 7 1/2 feet.


Way too tall for the front of the garden.

Even for a “relaxed”

Gardener like me.

Yet I can’t bring myself to cut it down.

While it’s in full bloom.

So the plan is to let it finish blooming

And set seed.

Then I will cut it

And lay the branches in the places

I’d like it to be.

At the back.

It will be a few years

Before it grows to these heights.

But I can wait.

After all

Patience is perhaps the greatest

Gardening lesson of all.


Coco patiently keeping watch over the garden.

Coco patiently keeping watch over the garden.


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Gardening for me is a continual curiosity.

In a perennial garden

Plants come back every year


But that doesn’t mean that everything is the same

Every year.

There is a pattern to the bloom

And a familiarity

As old friends pop out of the ground

And return to bloom

Year after year.


Now I love repetition.

I can eat the same thing for breakfast

For years.

But there comes a time in your garden

When you want to try the impossible.

I’ve tried the impossible

(Delphinium come to mind)

Here in my zone 7 garden

Frankly…it’s impossible.

But there is something between

The impossible

And the easy.

Let’s call it the improbable.

It may work

Or it may not.

One plant that falls into that category here

Is Calla Lily.


They are an elegant flower

With a fat stem that can be gently worked

To bend in the direction you want

In an arrangement.

They actually grow in a good part of the country

Zones 3 – 10.

It took a long time for them to get established in my garden,

And even after all these years they are not profuse bloomers.


But they are here

Each year they return.

Their glorious leaves are a welcomed site

Each spring when they come out of the ground.


Their June blooms

Make me smile.


The simple elegance

Reminds me that working to accomplish

The improbable.

Is time well spent.

In the garden

And in life.


flag Day Easter Egg find!

Flag Day Easter Egg find!


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