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Tomorrow is the opening day of The Chelsea Flower Show.

I’ve never been but after recently visiting

One of England’s regional flower shows at Malvern.

I can only imagine what it is like.

There is something I do in my garden

That is related to the Chelsea Flower Show.

The Chelsea Chop.

It’s a garden task

With a fun name.

Done around the time

Of the Chelsea Flower Show

The last week of May.

It’s simply cutting back plants

So that they will grow bushier

And produce more blooms.

Every year I cut my tall garden phlox

Nearly in half.

Other perennials that get the chop

Include New England Asters, Chrysanthemums and Veronicas.

I actually did this a few weeks ago

Since our weather warms up ahead of England’s

But there is still time this month.

I also do a modified version of this

By pinching out the tops of Dahlias when they are a foot tall.

This works for Zinnias and Cosmos as well.

Since my garden seems to grow taller and taller

Each time it rains

I’m going to use these methods to keep my garden under control.

Of course, I say that every year!

Pinching or cutting back also works on some annutals.

Petunias and Impatiens respond particularly well

With the occasional pinch or chop.

I cut back these bargain leggy Impatiens

Before I planted them.

So take a stroll around your garden this week

And see if there are plants that would benefit

From a little Chelsea Chop.

Come July

Your garden will thank you.

Happy Gardening,



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Nature is an amazing thing.

That’s hardly news to fellow gardeners.

No matter how many years I’ve gardened

Nature still surprises me.


For the past few weeks

I’ve had daily late afternoon visits

From two hummingbirds.

Being hummingbirds they flit around the Phlox.

So fast that I’ve only been able to capture

A few pictures of them.


But this week a friend arrived with them.

A giant Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly.


They come every evening between 5 and 6.

Just like I have rung a dinner bell

To beckon them to the nectar of the Phlox


And Zinnias.


And they hang around.

So I have been able to take pictures

With my Iphone.

Which is always in my pocket these days.

Then return to the house to get my point and shoot.

One evening I even called Torry

To send Sloan and Cassidy

Over to see it all.


The hummingbirds and butterfly

Put on quite a show.

Even though they are in constant motion


I find them soothing to watch.

There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

Amidst our busy fluttering lives.

There is peace

All around us.




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