A Gift

Like most “mid-century” baby boomers

I spent a lot of time outside

While I was growing up.

That’s understandable

Since I grew up on a farm.

After school and summers

Were spent outside.

My favorite memories are sheep related.

Thoughts of walking into the pastures

Bringing in the sheep each night

Along with annual sheep shearing

Still bring a smile to my heart.

My growing up wasn’t all that different from my contemporaries.

Friends who grew up in town

Talk about playing in the neighborhood till dark


Over the span of the decades

Things have changed.

So it’s fun

When you get a call like I did on Saturday.

It seems that Lily and her father had been out gathering ladybugs



And she had grown attached to them.

Now we all know what will happen to captured ladybugs.

They just aren’t meant to live in captivity

And they won’t for very long.

So after a day or two Lily’s mom, Jami

Finally convinced her to set them free.

Luckily for me

They decided my backyard would be a perfect home.

Lily was very careful as she set them free.

Placing each ladybug gently on a leaf

So that they would hopefully find food and shelter.

IMG_4722 (1)

Her brother William had not really bonded with the ladybugs

But he like many children loved exploring the garden

Going up and down the paths.


It takes awhile to say goodbye to friends.

But ultimately each ladybug had been safely escorted

To a new home.

Lily, William and Jami went on about their Saturday.

I went back to my weeding

The sun set on another glorious spring day.

Why do I mention this.

Because I know all that nature has taught me.

I also know how important it is to let children

Roam in nature

To learn the lessons it has to offer.

One of those lessons is knowing when to let go.

Knowing that there may be a better place for something

Than the plan we had for it.

Lily will take that lesson with her

Buried deep within her memory

Of a Saturday of her youth.


Here are a few pictures of the “budding of the season”,






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6 responses to “A Gift

  1. beth culver

    Oh how I needed those words just now! My how God idea others in our lives. Blessed

  2. Jerri parrish

    Your garden is beautiful and so are your grandchildren

  3. Your flowers are beautiful, but the Lady Bug experience surpasses that beauty. To share nature with young enthusiasts is absolutely wonderful. I don’t have sheep memories but have wonderful dairy cow memories. 🙂

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