FPC Good News Easter Egg Hunt v.4

This spring has been out of sync.

It started early

February early!

Late on the sunny afternoon of February 21st

When I finished pruning my roses

Earlier than ever in my gardening history

I was thinking to myself.

I’m off to a great start.

I’ll actually get ahead of the weeds this year.

About that time I stepped on something in my path

And heard a pop as I went down.

My first broken bone – ankle

Was accompanied with the first use of my Medicare card!

Last week a month of this


Finally ended.

On Thursday the next two generations arrived

For Easter weekend.


For obvious reasons

Ie 20 month old twins

Elliott, Kristina, Harper and Henry

Don’t come this way often

So I’m grateful they enjoy

An early spring visit


It’s especially fun that they get to join in

For the adventure of The Good News Easter Egg Hunt V.4.

I’ve not been able to do a single thing in my garden.

I thought I would after a few weeks,

But I was wrong.

Thankfully, my friends Carrie and Torry

Accompanied by Cassidy and Sloan

Came a few weeks ago

And cut back all the dead.


It tidied up the place nicely

Giving the green a better chance to spring out of the ground.

A little rain helped even more.

But it also fed the weeds.

And I do mean weeds – Henbit, Dandelions and PoAnna

Like I’ve never seen.

Fortunately, along with that Medicare card

Comes perspective.

None of the hundred plus people who came on Saturday

Mentioned the weeds.


Harper certainly didn’t notice as she made endless trips

Up and down the path

DSCN6434 (2)

And in and out the garden house doors.


Henry didn’t care one bit about the state of the garden

As long as he had dirt to play in


And a birdbath to explore.


Thankfully twins seem to come with parents

Who are not overprotective

And let them be kids.

And speaking of kids

More than ever came this year.

Including the church’s new Girl Scout Troop




And their extended families12718191_1024559190962260_4892882053472026242_n

So what have I learned through it all?

What I all ready knew.

No one sees the weeds but me.

They are part of life

They are life.

And what a life it is.

On Sunday

We sat in the “squirmy section” of church

Rows of kids with parents

And grandparents.

Midway through the worship service

The grandfather in front of John

Picked up Harper’s pacifier

And handed it back to John

With the knowing grin

Of the common bond of grandfather’s love.

Easter – Spring – Rebirth

God’s amazing love is all around.

Especially in the weeds.


Happy Easter,


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