For the past week

A spider has been entertaining me

Building a web outside my kitchen window.

I’ve tried taking a picture

From every angle

Inside and out

This is the best I’ve gotten.


You’ll just have to take my word for it.

This spider is dedicated

Working on sunny days

Keeping me fascinated.

You have to admire

Bugs at this time of year.


They must know

The warm days are numbered.

I’m not an entomologist

But I’m guessing that means

Their days, too, are numbered.

That doesn’t keep them

From working away

On these glorious fall days.

The Abelia bushes

Practically quack.

They are covered in tiny moths

Working away on the blooms.


Then there’s the Monarch Butterflies.

On their way to Mexico.

About a dozen or so

Drop by every morning.


They are not early risers

It’s about 10 before they appear.

They fly and dive and drink

Till mid afternoon.

I haven’t pulled the zinnias yet

For just this very reason.

I want them to have all the sustenance

They need for their journey south.

So my garden is covered

With zinnias still blooming strong


Though the foliage is white with mildew.


This is probably very bad for my garden.

But I just can’t bring myself to pull them up.

And deprive all those lovely visitors.

Saturday was spent

Deadheading and weeding.

Pretty much what I’ve been doing

For the past couple of months.

Tulip bulbs will ship soon

I need to begin thinking about

Making room for them.

But for now

I think I’ll join the Monarchs

Basking in the sunshine

And the glory of fall.


I hope you have time this week

To breath in the season.



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One response to “BUGS – BUGS AND MORE BUGS

  1. Martie Brown

    Have not pulled my zinnias for the same reason. Love the butterflies
    Have a good week.

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