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When I think of fall

I think of the garden slowing down.

And it does.

The plants and blooms

Are going to sleep.

But my “to do” list

Seems endless.

I’ve brought much of this

On myself.

I think I have a fear

Of clean fingernails.

So I create gardening tasks.

For instance.

Pick green tomatoes.

Cut and dry Hydrangea blooms.

Pull the last of the Cockscomb and Zinnias.

When I was in Denver last week

I found close out vinca minor.

We are reworking a shady end of the garden

So I was in the market for vinca minor.

I found 20 tiny plants.

Today I planted 16 of them

In the ground

And potted up the other 4.

The plan is to take cuttings

From these 4 all winter.

Increasing the inventory

Enough to fill the space

By winter’s end.

Since we are expecting

Our first freeze this week

The giant and prickly Sego Palms

Had to be hauled into the garden house.

Bouganvilla, Asparagus Fern and Kimberly Fern

Found their way into the breakfast room

With John’s help.

Dusty Miller was rescued from the big pots

And cozied into the ground

Since it will often survive our winters.

And the Plumbago was dug and potted

In the garden house

Where again I’ll take winter cuttings

To have ready for next spring.

I keep talking about taking cuttings

Like I actually know how to do it.

I do know how to do it.

I just can’t keep them alive.

So that is my challenge

For the winter


If I succeed at this.

The garden house will be

Even more of a jungled mess

Than it is today.

And that will make

For a very happy winter!



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Normally at this time of year

I’m praying for a freeze.

Not so this year.

The days are so glorious

That the garden is still showing color

Even if just a bit here and there.

I have a few events in early November

I’d like to have flowers for.


Thus the hope for a late freeze.

We’ll see…I’m not in charge here.

This weekend I did pull the zinnias

They had slowed their bloom

To a snail’s pace

And were so covered with mildew

That it was definitely time to go.

Besides the monarchs seemed

To have moved on to Mexico.

So I don’t feel guilty about

Pulling them up.

Fall is also a good time for review

Now, I’m not one for favorites.

Really who can pick a “favorite”

And leave all the others behind.

Certainly in a perennial garden

Favorites are impossible

Since something new is always coming into its own.

But there were two things that did really well this year.

One is perennial.

Annabelle Hydrangea was new to me.


Yet it’s a very old plant.

It’s bloomed since early summer.

They begin white.

Turn green.

And are still holding on.



The other is an annual.

At least here in zone 7.

It’s Heliatrope.


I used it several years ago in containers.

This year I put it the ground

At the entrance to the backyard.


It’s been extremely happy there.

It’s not easily found around here.

Wish I was better at taking cuttings.

And I’d try to save it.


Who knows…I may give it a try.

With the blooms fading

I don’t have as many pretty pictures to share.

I’ll just have to include pictures

Of Coco

Trying out Cockscomb for earrings.


And of course.

The world’s most adorable grandchildren.


Enjoy this glorious fall.


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For the past week

A spider has been entertaining me

Building a web outside my kitchen window.

I’ve tried taking a picture

From every angle

Inside and out

This is the best I’ve gotten.


You’ll just have to take my word for it.

This spider is dedicated

Working on sunny days

Keeping me fascinated.

You have to admire

Bugs at this time of year.


They must know

The warm days are numbered.

I’m not an entomologist

But I’m guessing that means

Their days, too, are numbered.

That doesn’t keep them

From working away

On these glorious fall days.

The Abelia bushes

Practically quack.

They are covered in tiny moths

Working away on the blooms.


Then there’s the Monarch Butterflies.

On their way to Mexico.

About a dozen or so

Drop by every morning.


They are not early risers

It’s about 10 before they appear.

They fly and dive and drink

Till mid afternoon.

I haven’t pulled the zinnias yet

For just this very reason.

I want them to have all the sustenance

They need for their journey south.

So my garden is covered

With zinnias still blooming strong


Though the foliage is white with mildew.


This is probably very bad for my garden.

But I just can’t bring myself to pull them up.

And deprive all those lovely visitors.

Saturday was spent

Deadheading and weeding.

Pretty much what I’ve been doing

For the past couple of months.

Tulip bulbs will ship soon

I need to begin thinking about

Making room for them.

But for now

I think I’ll join the Monarchs

Basking in the sunshine

And the glory of fall.


I hope you have time this week

To breath in the season.



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The signs are everywhere.

I can hear the high school band

Practicing every morning.

Sweaters are appearing.


Geraldine’s asters are starting to bloom.


The air is softer.

Shadows are shifting.

Fall is almost here.


I think I’ve mentioned before

There’s only one other place

I can think of living.

The place where the weather

Alternates between spring and fall.

I’ve never found that place.

I know it doesn’t exist.


In order to have spring

You must first abide winter.

Difficult for me.

And so it follows that

In order to have fall.

You must abide summer.

Gardening makes this one easy.


Fall here on the plains

Can linger for weeks

Months actually.

After last year’s glorious fall

I wasn’t sure we’d see another one like that

For some time.

Something tells me

It’s happening again.


There’s a lushness this September

God is spoiling us.

Spring rains

Mild summer temperatures

And now the glorious days of fall.

Coco and I spent Saturday transplanting.

We dug up a batch of daylilles

That were spreading wildly

In the main garden

They’ve been moved to areas that are

A little more accepting of their behavior

Some will even get transplanted

Across state lines

To Elliott’s garden.

In their place I planted cabbage.


Not sure they have time to get giant

But I saw these babies at the store

And thought…why not?

They are near where we lost a Redbud tree

In June

Between the two new stands of Dahlias.


Not sure what will be the more permanent fix.

But after following Floret Flowers

On Instagram for a few months.

My monies on…more Dahlias.

Can this woman grow Dahlias!

One goal this fall

Is to fill in the empty spaces.

That were weed havens all summer.

So I’m scouting for plants in need of dividing

And volunteers that are popping up in odd places.

I’m looking forward to weeks

Of playing in the crisp clean air

And basking in the glory of a garden.



Surely this is the last Easter Egg left in the garden!

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