Normally at this time of year

I’m praying for a freeze.

Not so this year.

The days are so glorious

That the garden is still showing color

Even if just a bit here and there.

I have a few events in early November

I’d like to have flowers for.


Thus the hope for a late freeze.

We’ll see…I’m not in charge here.

This weekend I did pull the zinnias

They had slowed their bloom

To a snail’s pace

And were so covered with mildew

That it was definitely time to go.

Besides the monarchs seemed

To have moved on to Mexico.

So I don’t feel guilty about

Pulling them up.

Fall is also a good time for review

Now, I’m not one for favorites.

Really who can pick a “favorite”

And leave all the others behind.

Certainly in a perennial garden

Favorites are impossible

Since something new is always coming into its own.

But there were two things that did really well this year.

One is perennial.

Annabelle Hydrangea was new to me.


Yet it’s a very old plant.

It’s bloomed since early summer.

They begin white.

Turn green.

And are still holding on.



The other is an annual.

At least here in zone 7.

It’s Heliatrope.


I used it several years ago in containers.

This year I put it the ground

At the entrance to the backyard.


It’s been extremely happy there.

It’s not easily found around here.

Wish I was better at taking cuttings.

And I’d try to save it.


Who knows…I may give it a try.

With the blooms fading

I don’t have as many pretty pictures to share.

I’ll just have to include pictures

Of Coco

Trying out Cockscomb for earrings.


And of course.

The world’s most adorable grandchildren.


Enjoy this glorious fall.


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