The season is winding down.

Normally by now we’ve had cold nights

If not a freeze.

But not this year

The garden is just slowly putting itself to bed.

Much more gentle

Than a harsh cold wintry blast for the north.

I’m enjoying it

Picking a smattering of blooms


For my last church bouquets of the season.


And burying an undisclosed number of bulbs.

Thankfully I have help in the bulb burying department.

It wasn’t any ordinary help.

Somehow the princesses from last night’s trick or treating

Became worm loving giggly girls this afternoon.


In my experience

It’s rare that you find little girls who love worms.

Cassidy and Sloan not only love them

They name them.

Meet Earthy


Actually, oddly enough

Every worm we dug up

Was named Earthy.

Apparently a common name for earthworms.

Then there was the dirt – sorry Daddy soil.

It turns out refilling a trench

Laden with tulip bulbs

Can be very entertaining


When you’re a six and eight year old princess

Who happen to love earthworms.

There is still much to do in the garden

You can tell by the state of my garden house.


Lilies, Grape Hyacinths and Alliums bulbs to be planted.

Amaryllis to be potted up


More Tulips and Pansies for the garden path.

And then planting the big pots with lettuce for early spring.

It will all happen

In good time

Hopefully with giggly earthworm loving girls.




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4 responses to “END OF THE SEASON

  1. Martie Brown

    Are you kidding me? “Smattering”. Not my definition. BEAUTIFUL.
    Love little girls. So much fun. We had three, all grown up now, with little girls of their own. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Torry

    We definitely are not dealing with any ordinary girls!

    Thank you for filling my afternoon with the sounds of my princesses giggling and squealing with delight next door! They had a blast as always!

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