I’ve often wondered

What my garden would be like

If I lived in a place

Where it doesn’t freeze.

Would my garden just keep going

Or would it give itself it’s own “time out”?

Put itself to sleep?

Now I know.

Here we are in the middle of November

And still no freeze.

Not even a hard frost.

My garden has slowly

Quit blooming.

I’ve made my last arrangements for church.


Cassidy & Sloan helped me pick all the green tomatoes.

Who knew they doubled as sun glasses!


Pesto is made

And the peppers have been picked.


Some are drying

Others are seeded and frozen.

Most of the bulbs are in the ground

But there are still blooms.

This is the one time of the year

That annuals in my garden

Show more colors than the perennials.

It’s made for a very confused front door.


Summer’s annuals

Next to fall’s pumpkins

And if you look closely.

You’ll see the Christmas lights

Have been put in place

By the very busy light installers.

I’ve often said that I like living in a place

With four distinct seasons.

I learn something from each season

Patience waiting for it all to begin in the spring.

Perseverance in the heat of the summer.

And appreciating the glory of fall’s slower pace.

Even winter – my least favorite – has it’s moments.

And on this weekend of sadness around the world.

I know from the winters of my life

That light will overtake the darkness.

See you in the spring.




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2 responses to “A GENTLE ENDING

  1. Our fall weather has been relatively mild in comparison to other years, but we do not have anything blooming. Very interesting to have annuals, pumpkins, bulbs and lights – you’ve got it all covered. 🙂

    • Gary and Judy Fleming

      Certainly do enjoy your blog! Rest for the winter and we’ll look forward to silently continuing with you in the Spring!!

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